Two Things

1) I'm a horrible blogger. I may have mentioned that before.
B) We took Elena to Interstate Park (the WI side) over the 4th of July weekend and she got to go swimming at a real beach for the very first time. With all my amateur photography stuff going on, I complete forgot to post the photos. They're priceless. As was the two hour SCREAMING temper tantrum that was thrown upon vacating the beach. Not even an ice cream cone could quell the crying.

It was rough.

It took her no time at all to get into the water. She didn't need to feel it out first. Nope. She hopped right in.

She splashed her hands in the water and giggled. It made my heart warm. Toddler giggles are the best.


If you look closely, you'll notice I'm not touching one itty bit of her in this photo. Thank you DRL - and our zoom lens for making this shot possible. It's my favorite of the day.
Just look at the glee on her face!!

This one, too. For some reason, I feel like I look like Kate (of Jon and Kate fame) in this photo. Minus the irritated expression. And blonde hair. Oh, and with 7 less children.

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