Be Enthusiastically You

All the time, every moment. Revel in each one of those moments - your moments, and the moments of others. Take nothing for granted but don't be so burdened with reminders of how easily things are lost. Twirl in circles and get dizzy. Keep even the bad photos of yourself. Encourage one another. Encourage yourself. Cuddle. Say "I Love You." Instead of doing things "before you die" do them to know that you truly lived. Be silent. Let others speak - especially when you disagree with their point of view. Give your neighbors a hand, and those you hate a chance. Feel warmth in your heart. Get teary eyed over something silly. Make friends with a complete stranger.

Be. Enthusiastically. YOU. Every moment of every day. And don't ever let anyone tell you that it's wrong.

Because who you are, can never be wrong.


***Update: I wrote this post at 3:30 today...a post about living, life, and being YOU.  Four hours later Susan died.  Elden does not want us to say she lost her battle with cancer, indeed, she did not. She fought. Hard.  And it is up to us, those left on this earth, to continue to FIGHT LIKE SUSAN. If you can, go to Elden's blog and donate to his Livestrong Challenge.  Help them fight LIKE Susan.  If not today, when?  Peace to all, and peace to Elden and his children.

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