Fighting For Susan

Take a look at Fat Cyclist's blog here and read the story of his wife's battle with breast cancer. I clicked the link and donated a few dollars to the Lance Armstrong Foundation in their name, as it is the least I can do.

I cannot fathom Susan's courage. Her tenacity, as Elden says, or her strength. I, like the fat cyclist himself, would find new ways to complain. I, too, would make it my hobby. And for that I am more than willing to donate some of my money to help Susan win her fight, and to help others fight their own battles, too.

If you can help, great. If not, then you'll have at the very least, read an amazing story of an amazing woman and her very loving, very helpful, incredibly amazing husband. And that is a victory in itself.

Happy Friday all. As Miz Booshay says,

Encourage one another.

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