The New Pixie

As evidenced by the photos below, I got a haircut yesterday. A pretty drastic haircut. I decided to channel my inner teenager and sport a throwback coif much akin to the one I had upon my high school graduation, now more than a decade ago (*gasp*).

I am happy to report that I pull the look off much better now in my late twenties, than I ever did in my teens.

I'm not quite sure that DRL is the biggest fan of the cut itself, but he is my biggest fan, and that's what counts.



  1. I remember this haircut oh so well, hehe. :-) Looking good CUZ!

  2. Hail the short haired ladies! Unite! Just because our mothers have never had hair above their shoulders doesn't mean that us busy moms with ZERO time to do our hair shouldn't enjoy the freedom short hair provides. Great cut. You look fabulous!!!