Behind Drawer #1

Look at this photo and (besides the mess, the ridiculous amount of stuff on my counters, and horrible tile above the kitchen sink) tell me what you notice about it?  Does anything look strange?

Your eyes do not deceive you my friends, there is only one drawer in my entire kitchen.  A fact I failed to recognize prior to purchasing my very first home.  Upon further research, I've discovered that most people don't notice my utter lack of drawer space either.  This makes me feel mildly better about buying a home with a slightly defunct kitchen.  As far as practicality is concerned. 

I would like you, if you could, to fathom what life would be like if you had only one drawer in your own kitchen.  Where would you put your plastic bags and tinfoil? Your kitchen towels? Your rolling pin?  Your iPod headphones, memory cards, camera charger, spare keys, scotch tape, post-it notes? Where would you hide your (nearly) 2 year old daughter's "gockie" in a futile effort to de-pacifier her once and for all?

How would your counter breathe under all the stuff that can't go in a drawer?

Welcome to my nightmare.  If and when the market turns around, DRL and I will be doing one of two things: selling this "starter home" and getting into one with at least two kitchen drawers, or remodeling this kitchen and making it larger.  Much, much larger.  Full of drawers. And countertops. And cabinet space.  

The moral of my story?  Enjoy your junk drawer.  I wish I had one. It would be messy and wonderful. It would be mine, and I would love it.  And I would probably hide chocolate there, which I would find and eat in moments of frustration and sadness.  Moments such as this....

Now I'm hungry.


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  1. I have 5 drawers. And I keep my aluminum foil and rolling pin in none of them. :) Rolling pin is in the tupperware cabnet. Foil, plastic bags, etc- in the pantry. i do have an awesome and wonderful junk drawer though. It has markers, restaurant menus, srew drivers- all sorts of fun messy things. :)