Staples: Part Two

Saturday was DRL's 33rd birthday, and as such we had planned to spend the day rejoicing in his birth.  This usually entails me tending to the child, allowing DRL to chat with friends, drink beer, and be unburdened by a whiny needy adorable toddler.  It also involves a cake picked out by that very same toddler.  I was sickly most of the day, which I blame on the big mac I had for dinner on Friday night (see: Huge Mistake. McDonald's = bad), or the fact that I got around 3 hours of sleep.  Needless to say, this left my birthday husband running after the child for the better part of the day. He was a champ, though, and when asked how his birthday was, all he said was that he wished I would have felt better.  

Sweet, huh?
Even though I laid down most of the day, DRL got to play some mean rounds of beanbags. I think the mustache definitely added to his performance.  Saturday night was less eventful than Friday. I didn't bother with the tent, Elena went down at  9:00, like normal, and slept until 7:30 (like normal).  I was in bed by 11, though I wasn't asleep until after midnight since one of the most annoying Pounds boys decided fireworks -- really large, really loud fireworks -- were appropriate at 11:45 at night.  Don't worry, I went outside and filled them in on the ways of the (sleeping) world.

Before bed, Gramma Carol gave the kids popsicles, or "pikesicle" as Elena says.  They sat on the front stoop looking like an old time photograph.  For a brief moment, I thought it was 1972.  Except that I wasn't born yet, so I have no idea what 1972 looks like.  

We left Sunday at nap time so that Elena could take advantage of the boring car ride.  Less the sleep deprivation and sickness, it was a great weekend up north.  I'm excited for the next one.

I'm pretty sure DRL still had a great birthday, too.  Just look at him and his girl getting ready to blow out candles.  Minus the 'stache, is there anything better? 

I'm afraid not.



  1. Great post and great pictures. The steps picture reminds me of the ones of us on Grandma's steps on Arch Street. Those are some of my favorite shots. We'll have to take one at Mom's house next time I'm in Wisconsin. We'll use your kids and mine as our siblings aren't getting into the kid business anytime soon. Oh well, someone once told me having cousins is over-rated! :-) Just kidding.

  2. Who said that, coulnd't have possibly been me!! : )I concur with your thought though, coz. We'll renact the Arch street photo w/our wee ones. It'll be perfect. Miss you!!

  3. Classic "kids on the step" photo. Put it in a frame. Memories of Will, Jake and their cousind on the steps at the Weber Lino Lakes home. What a great time of your lives. Enjoy! Happy birthday to the proud papa. Love, Abby