Strong Women

Today was my friend Nadia's bridal shower.  Nadia was my first friend when I first moved to what is now fondly referred to as "my hometown."  Her and I have souls that I think were kindred even in the womb.  I love her to death, as much as I would love a sister (if I had one), and am so proud of the woman she has become.

She really is every bit as beautiful as this picture. Her laughter is infectious, and all who have met her, though they may have thought she was loud, have come to love her boisterous personality and joy that is effervescent in all that she does.

This is Nadia's "Auntie Purple."  I learned just a few short years ago that she has a real name,  Aisha.  She is funny, and charming, and warm.  

This gorgeous woman is Aziza, another of Nadia's aunts.  Nadia lived with her while she was growing up, and we have many fond memories together.  French, Cous Cous, short jokes. One of my favorites involves me calling out a nickname that is a Moroccan slang word for a certain male anatomy.  Aziza laughed. Hysterically. I was 11, maybe 12, and I was mortified. 

And this...this is Khadija, Nadia's mother.  She is serene,  friendly, exquisite.  The love she has for her daughter is unmistakable, and the two of them together is a vision.  This photo only slightly does them justice.  I am so happy to have been a part of this family for as long as I have.  To have been so welcomed by their love is the most amazing gift.  

I can't believe it's been almost twenty years since Nadia and I first met, and I can't believe she is getting married.  I can't wait to take photos of her wedding-to capture the joy that her face expresses as only it can, and to capture the look in Khadija's eyes as she sees her daughter walk down the aisle.

I have goosebumps just thinking about it.

Congratulations dear friend.  I wish you all the best. I love you to pieces.


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  1. wow!! Amazing Athena...simply amazing! You had me tearing up when you wrote about my mom...You're not only amazing with a camera but with your words as well. Thank you for that gift alone! :)