A Walk in the Park

We took Elena to Fawn Doe Rosa (aka "Animal Zoo") last weekend. We met the Pounds family there, and walked around the park for a couple hours, letting the kids terrorize and feed various animals.  This is the closest Elena came to riding on a horse.

She sat on a saddle.  For 6.9 seconds. And then she cried and wanted to get down.

She crowed to the roosters.

Logan was brave, and rode a pony. Twice.

We saw a grizzly bear.

And a doe, a deer, a female deer.

A duck.

Elena attempted to gain access to the fawns.  Her plan was foiled by a pesky, good-for-nuthin' fence.  Fences always cause trouble for toddlers.

She fed a goat.  Or two, or three.  It took her awhile to learn how to give them the food instead of throwing kernels of corn at them.  She's an expert in subtlety already.

While her cousin had the courage to ride the pony, Elena was only brave enough to pet one.  And only while being held by mommy.
It was a good day.  A hot, sunny, fun day in the animal park known as Fawn Doe Rosa.  I used to go there as a girl myself, and it was fun to take my daughter to see the animals.  I was a little ashamed as she chased the roosters around taunting "cluck cluck chicken," but it was also funny to watch.  I guess it would have been worse had it been me doing the taunting.

But that is another story for another time.

Be good,

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