The Shower: Images

I mentioned that Saturday was my girlfriend Nadia's bridal shower, and I shared the photos of the women in her life.  Here are some more photos of the fun that was had, if not by all, by most.

There was food.  Most notably: Caprese.  Is there anything better than fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and bread?  

There was Nadia. In all her exquisite beauty.  And sauciness.

Words of wisdom were written on cards and then hung on branches. 
 (I now own a wedding stamp if anyone is ever in need of one).

There was Baklava.

There was intense conversation.
Over making a "bow"quet for the wedding rehearsal. 

There was even a wild game of "Pass the Banana." I think the photos demonstrate how it was played.

And of course, the wedding party was in attendance.  Well, a couple of them anyway!  The Maid of Honor, Kristin coordinated the event.

Along with Laura, the hostess and a bridesmaid.

The Ring
I played photographer and tried getting some fancy shots of Nadia's very fancy diamond.  I'd say Jeff ("the fiance") did a great job picking out the ring.  I think I did a pretty okay job photographing it, too.
I just love this picture. We perched the ring on Nadia's shirt and it turned out better than I imagined.  This is practically SOOC (straight out of camera).  I just sharpened and added a bit of contrast.

This one is SOOC.  Just look at the bokeh in this photo!! Glorious!

And in this one, too.  I just love how the ring seems to be playing a game of peek-a-boo.

That's news for now.  Be good to one another!

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