Tony Hawk, Meet DRL.

DRL and I first met at Trollhaugen Ski Area when I was 16 years old.  We became friends the next summer, when I took up skateboarding.  I never amounted to much of anything, and gave up the sport after that season.  I realized that concrete is much less forgiving than snow, and tricks are much harder to do when your feet aren't strapped to the board. 

DRL, however, was quite good.  He even landed himself a minor sponsorship (or two) and a few bit parts in various skateboard videos.  

We lost touch for a year or so while I explored life in Chicago, and when I came back DRL had almost retired from skateboarding.  When we started dating, the almost turned official.  

Recently, he's taken to it again.  And I can't express how happy it makes me that he's back in the "saddle" again.  

heh...heh.....Saddle.  Heh.

He's really good.  He can even ollie Elena's Red Wagon. 

I'm thinking he should try ollie-ing over the Cozy Coupe.  I might have to bust out the video camera for that one, though.

I think he could do it.  

Watch out, Tony Hawk.  DRL's outta retirement and he's taking the neighborhood by storm.  You should see all the young boys who suddenly have skateboards.

I think he's got a (mild) following...

And he is certainly proof that you're never too old to start something again. 

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