Two Girls

I am having another girl. She's coming in January. I am excited (to not have to buy more clothes or, anything, really) and terrified (two weddings, two teenagers, two (more) women in menses).

Mostly, I'm just excited.

Any of you (2.5) readers out there with two daughters? Any words of wisdom? Any special advice or things I need to "prepare" for?

Oh, and don't worry about DRL, he's thrilled. A) He guessed the gender correctly, so he's got bragging rights and 2.) Little girls love their daddies. They hate their mothers. He's pleased as punch.

Pray for me,


  1. They don't always 'hate' their mommies.
    You can break the mold...make it work...
    every new baby...is a new beginning.
    Congrats on the sweet little girl.
    What a beautiful gift!

  2. Congrat's Athena. Now there will be 2 girls and 2 boys on this side of the family. Gwen

  3. I'm all about making things even, Gwen!