Calico Critters

Elena's friend
has a Calico Critters dollhouse.

Elena has coveted it.
Talked about it.
Dreamt about having one of her own.

We told her, once, that she had to wait until her birthday.
And she remembered our promise.

It was all she asked for.
And so,
it was what we got her.

The Beagle family
(courtesy of Auntie Janelle et al)
hangs out downstairs,
in the master bedroom.

Mama and Daddy take the bed.
Little brother studies at the desk
and big sister does her makeup at the mirror.

The Mouse family
(also courtesy of afore mentioned auntie)
stays upstairs.
The kids share a set of bunk beds,
and it is their bedtime.
Mama and Daddy Mouse put the kids to sleep.
And silently creep out the french doors
to the patio.
 Where they take in peaceful evening.
The house is equipped with a master bath.
Complete with old fashioned soaking tub.
 And a dress shop,
(and dress maker)

A privacy curtain for changing helps
when two families are sharing a home.

Since there is no crib,
the baby sleeps in the bathtub.
Without water,
because that is the only safe way to sleep
in a bathtub
when you're a baby.
 There are working chandeliers.
 And a stylish
front door.
 But sometimes,
even with all these amenities,
the house gets crowded
and everyone
sleep outside.

 And just in case
you're worried about plumbing
in the Calico Critters Townhome,
There are
in fact
pipes in the bathroom.


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  1. Great photos. It will remind me of the sweet time i had this morning when Elena asked me to play house with her. Of course I fell off the approved list later in the day and was told to "go back to my own apartment", but i love her all the same and she relented again later.