What I Know For Sure

I've been thinking a lot, lately.
A dangerous pastime.

I know.

And this is what I know for sure.

I am selfish.
And I'm okay with that.
I want time for myself.

I want to maintain an identity outside of my children,
my job,
my marriage to DRL,

I want to always have friends
all over the place.
From all walks of life.
Friends who I've known for 2.7 seconds
others since I was 9.
Friends I only ever 'see' on facebook,
and others that I would be lost without.
Those who,
as luc would say,
make up my tribe.

I need to lose 10 pounds.
And not just for vanity.
I don't feel healthy.
I'm 20 pounds over the "ideal" weight for my height.
I'll compromise,
stupid BMI chart,
and lose ten.

As soon as the two pints of Haagen Daz
White Chocolate Truffle
are finished.


The Texas Rangers are going to the world series.
Take THAT Yankees.

Speaking of Yankees,
I got called one today.
Not the baseballer,
rather, a person from north of the mason-dixon line.
"Oh, that's right....you're a yankee."

I've been listening to Austin News Radio.
It's very conservative.
Rush Limbaugh's radio show airs on this station.
It makes me mad, a lot.
But I keep listening.

I'm really homesick.
To the point that if it were a real disease,
I'd be hospitalized.
In critical condition.

If you're reading this,
I miss you.
True story.
Way more than a little.

I am drinking a juicebox.

I ordered $18/yard fabric.
I'm splitting half of it with Rebecca.
And I


I need to use my camera more often.

I need to realize that I can be a professional photographer.
I just need to own it.
Develop my skills.
Hone them.
And then brand myself.
And market the shit out of that brand.

I am going to be hosting my first ever giveaway

So keep reading.

On that note,
Thank you for reading.
It makes me happy.
Even if you don't comment
at the end of each post
hearing in random conversation that you come here
and read this
and love it

Every single one of them.

And for that
for you
I am forever grateful.



  1. It makes me sad to know that you are homesick but it's understandable. It does however make me even more excited for December! Can't wait to see your new hat style and maybe even a special blanket with my name on it!!

  2. I wish you good spaces in the far away places you go. If it rains or it snows may you be safe and warm. And, if you need somebody sometime, know I will always be there.
    Life's a journey with many adventures that bring opportunities for growing. This is one of your journeys.
    You'll be home soon. I can't believe "I" just said that!
    Love you so