Wednesday Wisdom

*I am in a hotel in Houston. For work.

*Blogger has a stat tracker now. It shows me all sorts of stuff. Like what people searched for to find my blog. The number two search query? "Jad Jergens". True story.

*My expose on his partner, Lance Throttle, is currently in development.

*If my friends in Oregon happen upon this humble little blog, when you're ready, go see my friend luc. Because she knows. She's been exactly where you are.

*I loathe the Yankees.

*I haven't yet set foot in Target Field.

*Blogging from an iPad is challenging.

*There's an Hermes store in Houston. Across the street from a Luby's.

*Luby's is an octogenarian hangout. A cafeteria buffet. For $5.99. Including steak. Across from Hermes. The world keeps getting stranger.

*I saw a "National Geographic" cover that brought out the inner anthropologist in me. They found "the missing link." I am a dork, and to me, it's hugely exciting.

*The skeletal remains of a hominid that is 4 million years old.

*I told you I was a dork.

*That's it. For today, anyway.



  1. growing up in west texas, we ate at luby's every thursday night, along with our friends and their parents.

    true story.

  2. Thanks for the advice on the 50mm 1.4 and I LOVE this flower picture! I just can't seem to get a super crisp picture with my 1.8 and instead of taking responsibility for it and just continuing to practice I like to just buy a new toy! No wonder my husband gets frustrated with me ;0