Project 52

I haven't been keeping up on my P52 submissions.
I haven't really been keeping up on taking the photos, either.

My friend Rebecca and I were talking about it
the other night.
If I had stopped doing it.

I told her that it started to feel like work.
Which took some of the fun out of it.
So I stopped spending any real energy on it.

I uploaded the photo above
into the pool for last week's theme:
Lights and Darks.

It's definitely a loose interpretation,
but I thought it fit.

I then found two more photos
taken during "missed" weeks
that I added to my flickr pool.

As it stands,
I'm only missing two submissions.

I think I can handle a P50.
It's kind of like me to be a little different.

Or finish just short of the mark.

But I digress.

Happy Monday,

I hope to start blogging more regularly
this week.

I've had my break.

And I feel better....


1 comment:

  1. Are you thinking of what you want to do for the jewelery box one? I know what I want to do...just need the kids to cooperate!!