Fall Crops

I really enjoy taking photos of Elena.  Duh.

I also really enjoy eating apple pie. 

I did that tonight, by the way. It was delicious.  I think I need to go have another piece right now.

Hang on a sec...

*nom nom nom*

Okay, sorry about that.  

What was I saying? Oh yeah, pictures. I like to take photos, and then I like to download them onto my Mac and crop the heck outta 'em.  

But not the way you'd expect. I like to arrange the photos on the other side of ordinary.  Afterall, this is me we're talking about here.

(again, duh.)

So here's the original:
See how sweet she is? Dangling her feet from the swing?  Who here never once did that as a kid? 
Right! See..I was onto something.  So I cropped it to really show the sweetness of her feet hanging midair.  

And this one here? One of my favorite recent photos of Elena. (I feel obligated to note that I really like backside photos...you know, ones not involving the face.  Again, I'm operating on the other side of normal.)
Her feet haven't quite made take-off yet, but there's something so sweet about her cuffed jeans, the loose ankle cross, and saggy pants.  Something that just screams childhood.

So I cropped all the rest out.  
And now I need more pie.


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