You Spin Me Right Round Baby

Once upon a time, I went shopping at the Gap.  The Maplewood Mall Gap, to be precise.  I brought Elena along (you know how two year olds love to clothes shop), and my brother Noel came along, too.  For good measure. Or moral support.  Or whatever.

Editor's Note: Maplewood Mall touts its very own carousel.  Yes, right inside the mall. And although Elena loves to shop, the Gap wasn't holding her interest, so Uncle Noel took her to ride the ponies (which is different than playing the ponies. But only slightly).  She rode them twice. And loved it.  

Or so I'm told.
I missed it.
Shocking, I know.

So it's no wonder that when we brought Elena to the Great Minnesota Get Together (Read: CrowdedSweatyFoodfilledTerrorFun Day State Fair) we put her right on the Carousel. 

She giggled.  I did, too.  

We've ridden every Merry-go-round we've seen since. 

Which has only been one...but still...

With Gramma at Wheels and Wings in Osceola, WI.
I feel I must pause here to clarify: She IS having fun. She was busy concentrating on the "look at mommy" instructions Gramma was giving her.  Which is why I didn't catch a photo of her smiling.  And hey, concentration is a much more fun emotion to capture, anyway.  Right?

Did I mention she rode an elephant on Sunday at the Renaissance Festival?  This here diecast acrylic Lion ain't got nuthin' on that ginormous beast.

Oh, and in other news: Me - unluckiest person you know - managed to call into a morning radio show, get on the air and just miss winning Vikings v. Niners tickets.  But wait, it gets better.  And not the sarcastic version of better, but the actually, truly, really better...

I called to claim my prize and managed to upgrade my runner up concert tickets into full blown Vikings tickets.  SCORE! 

And thank you, KQRS. I heart you.

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