Pomp and (a change in) Circumstance.

I have made a very difficult decision today, friends.

I am going to "drop out" of college for a little while. Again. But I will go back. I will return to St. Kate's in April when the Spring Trimester begins and finish the degree I started in 2000. I'm a month away from my 3rd trimester of my (final) pregnancy (Gasp! It's going so fast!!!), and there are still so many things I need to do before the baby comes.

1.) Sleep.
2.) Spend as much time with Elena as I can before I have to split my time between her and her sister.
3.) Sleep.
4.) Make hats (to keep the masses happy).
5.) Avoid a nervous breakdown of any sort.
6.) Give myself some time for me. Some time alone - a moment or two of quiet - to take in my life. What I already have and what is yet to come.
7.) Eat. A lot. Often.

School would be number 8 on that list. And I cannot in clear conscience attend school when it's not in the top on any priority list. It's not fair to myself, my fellow students, my family, or the professors.

And so, it is with mourful regret that I withdraw from fall classes. The light on the horizon is the knowledge that, like always, I will return to class next Spring and finish the degree that I have been so arduously pursuing for nearly a decade. I deserve it. I owe to myself. And I owe it to my family.

That's the news for now,

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  1. Completely logical and reasonable. Best of luck to ALL the Peltons.