Flaking It

This hat took me 6 attempts to complete.  
Ok fine.

Nine if you count the snowflake hat I made for my brother last year as an attempt.
I didn't carry the yarn well.
It didn't even stretch enough to fit Elena's head.
For you fellow knitters...you know that's bad.
90 stitches on size 8's and the hat didn't fit a one year old.

After that failure, I gave up on fair isle.
Until I heard Lucinda  was pregnant.
Then I just knew I had to learn. Had to master the art of it.

After 6 failed attempts (ok ok! Eight) I enlisted the internets for help.
I typed "Fair Isle" into You Tube's search box and watched two videos.
I read a page in Stitch and Bitch.
Then I tried again.
Because I had to.

I am a hat maker, see.
I love to make hats for babies.
If I know you and I know you're having a baby, you will get a hat from me.
It's what I do.

But Luc's hat had to be special.

A plain ol cap just wouldn't do.
Not for her.
Not for the bean.
Not for Cooper's little brother.

So I set off designing a hat for her new little one.
This is not that hat.
But it had to be completed for me to feel confident enough to put into stitches the pattern I have written for the bean.

I started on it tonight. 
I'm skipping the gym to work on it.
He could come any day now so time....
as they say...
is of the essence.


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  1. nice work! i cant wait to see bean's hat. you made me get all teary this am!