A Rose by Any Other Name...

Let's pretend I was going to listen to those of you who have recommended that I branch out and start up a photography business.

Or at the very least that I attempt to market myself as a photographer.

I would have to have a name for myself.
For the version of me that is a "professional photographer."
Something to put in the yellow pages.
(Do people even use the yellow pages anymore?)

Which name would I choose?
Something creative?
Something simple?
A little of both?
A name that combines my knitting and photography in one?

Maybe I should leave it to you.
Afterall, you're the ones who've recommended I do this in the first place.

Here is what I've come up with so far:

Stella Studios
A.Pelton Portraiture
Purple Iris Portrait Design
White Orchid Photography
Athena Pelton Photography
Type A Pictures

 Use the comment section to vote for your favorite or suggest your own.

Please and thank you.


Oh, and guess what else?
This bee-yotch can grout.


  1. I like Stella Studios. I also like the other combinations of your name and Photography. (A Pelton Photography)
    I like Type A Photography- but don't Type A personalities have negative connotations attached to them? That is what I immediately thought of.
    (Personally) i would stay away from the flower names.
    When my sister was successfully working as a photographer- word of mouth was KEY to much of her business. In which case- memorable business cards and a simple name are important.
    Go For It!

  2. Do it! Not sure on the name, but I like STella Studios the best.

    And, way to grout!! Don't forget to seal that shi*te. And don't make the mistake that I made... wipe the sealant off with warm water very shortly after you've applied it. My shower has a nice sealant film over all the tiles b/c the directions omitted that little tidbit. Now it's gonna take me the better part of the year to scrub it off tile by tile. Yipee!!

  3. Hmmm...I'd like to think on this a little bit more...perhaps over a bottle of wine...yeah, I'd like that. I'm not super duper keen on Stella Studios, cuz what about Elena??? I feel bad for her and in the future, Elena WILL bring that up...But...what about "Stelena Studios"??? Hhhmmm??? See where I went with that?? Or...perhaps some adjectives to describe HOW you take your photos or WHAT you take photos of...or what INSPIRES you to take the shots you do. Cuz like you said to me once...you're more about the moments that people DON'T see and that sometimes only YOU see...and I think that's pretty neat-o about your sense of style when you take photos.

    and hey, when you need business cards...I know someone who knows someone who knows someone that might be able to help you out. Then...we can throw a party for the debut of your business...and I might know someone who knows someone who knows someone that could help you with that too! :)

    MUAH x's 100000000000

  4. CPG Photography! ; )

    -Jen B

  5. mmm... i like type a photography... in lower case letters with a really smart color for the business card. it'll be great!

    -holly of hauthaus.

  6. hey there! love the daisy pics but not nearly as much as i love the yawning bebe pic! my vote would have to be for A Pelton Portraiture or Purple Iris Portrait Design...happy picking!
    Lindsey T