Lone Star State (of Mind)

On Wednesday I went in to my office at Empi,  turned on my computer, logged in, and internally applied for a new job.

In Texas.

Austin to be precise.

It's a Territory Manager position.  The job I've tried twice to get in the Twin Cities.  Without success.  On the inside, in my current position, the area of the country I work with is Texas.  So I actually know that business better than I do locally. So the promotion is almost perfect.

Except that it's in Texas.

Austin to be precise.

1000 miles south on Interstate 35.
Give or take.

One thousand miles.
From my parents.
Darrell's family.
All of our friends.

(Though, it IS closer to Tiff and Abby in Mexico)

Our house is going live on the market on Wednesday.
March 3rd.
Noel's 30th birthday.

There are a lot of changes happening to the family pelton.  I'm not sure I can make sense of them all yet.
And, dear friends, I'm scared.
The thought of moving my family from everything we know.
Starting over in a new town. A new state. A new home.

In some ways I'm excited.
I think it sounds like an amazing adventure.

DRL, the girls and I
in the Lone Star State.

I'd have the job I have been working toward for three years.
DRL could skate all year-round.
We'd only need snowsuits when we came home to visit...
(which would be often!)

And we could see SXSW (South by Southwest) every year.


If we stay here:
I still love my current job.
All our family and friends are here.
I can work on getting better at photography and really start to branch out with it.
I'll continue going to St Kate's to earn my undergrad.
We'll have access to babysitters so DRL and I can have some semblance of life as husband and wife instead of just as Mama and Daddy.

Oh, internets.

I'm on the horns of a dilemma.
And it's a big ass bull....



  1. Is it weird that i feel the same as you? I want you to go and be happy and do great..But, I already don't like the 3 months away being that you are my only friend here at Empire..what am I to do with you gone for good? I know that is selfish, so I will stick with the go to Texas be awesome then transfer back home..Thats a good plan!

  2. Life is a marvelous adventure!
    What a wonderful opportunity for you.
    We all know how to find our way to Texas, so
    you'd better buy a big house for all your
    visitors. Follow your dream Tina....

  3. austin is so great! its the only place i would live in texas. i have a lot of family in austin! the food, the music, the beer, the weather.... i could go on and on... and there are some great yarn shops!!!

  4. there are people who want to be photographed in austin, as well as babysitters! :)
    My family moved frequently when I was growing up and every new city offered a new lesson- I wouldn't trade a single one. (even Detroit!)
    While change is terrifying- this is such an awesome opportunity. If only for the chance to live somewhere WARM for a while!
    go for it.

  5. As the family expert on moving more than 1,000 miles away, allow me to weigh in...
    Though I often call home begging for my mother to come visit me (thanks for coming next week Mom!) I wouldn't trade the unexpected by exciting life we've have in Washington for all the known conditions of home.
    We didn't leave to get away. We left to seize an opportunity. You can always move back, but if you don't try out what it's like to move away now, you probably never will.
    You'll make friends.
    You'll meet a babysitter.
    You'll thrive (as you always have!).
    I say go for it.
    You should't fear success. You've got too big of a spirit for that!