Wednesday Wisdom

*We are in the process of completely remodeling our main bathroom.  This is it before we tore anything out:
*Blech. Yuck. Ga-roooooo-essssss!

*Suuuuuuper ugly. Blueish purple linoleum.  Ragged, worn down short little vanity with an ugly counter and an old toilet.

*This is what it looks like as of this morning:

*A fresh coat of paint, and nice, tuscan feeling ceramic tile. (Laid by yours truly, thankyouverymuch!)

*We are also painting and re-carpeting the downstairs family room.  I don't have pictures to show of that nightmare.  I'll upload the after shot on Monday when the carpet is finally installed.

*My nephew Logan turned 3 on Saturday. Here he is (on the left) with his best buddy and two week younger cousin Roan (right).

*And his darling sister Mackenzie. My only niece:

*I barely have time to knit with all the home improvement going on. But I did manage to finish a couple kid hats for my cousins.  A hat for a little boy for my cousin Nick, and this one that Stella is modeling for my cousin April's friend.

*I think she looks tired, don't you?

*Yesterday was Fat Tuesday, which means today is the first day of Lent.  I am not catholic, but I did consider giving something up this year.
The following is my list of possibilities:
Crying babies
Home improvement
Not exercising
Yelling at stupid drivers
Sassy toddlers

*Then I realized that a) I am not catholic, so I am not obligated to give anything up for Lent. b) I really like chocolate. And 3) I can't give up my two kids for 40 days.  So I'm pretty much stuck with the crying baby and sassy toddler.

*I suppose it's just as well.  I do love them....

*Luc' s baby boy was born on Valentine's day.  I can't wait to see him in his beanie.  He's precious. And perfect. And the second I heard he was born my heart leapt. (And, okay, it skipped a beat, too. I was effin' excited!)

*I'm still as chubbly as I was a month ago.


*I ate not once teensy eensy little piece of chocolate on valentines day.  Lord forgive me, for I have sinned. I know not what I do....

*I'm sorry I haven't blogged in over a week.  I've been slightly pre-occupied.  Some interesting things may be happening....

That's the news for now.



  1. You are one busy girl! Can't wait to
    see the changes.

  2. i am partial to type a pictures!!