Lake Travis

This is what most people think of when they think of Texas.

Cowboy hats.

Sure, there are fields in Minnesota.  
But Minnesota is known for something else.
Something that rhymes with

Texas doesn't have that many.
In fact, the only lakes in Austin are "man made."
Lady Bird Lake.
Lake Austin.
And the largest, Lake Travis.

Allow me to explain.

The Colorado River runs through Austin.

There is a dam outside of Austin,
Mansfield Dam to be precise,
situated on said river. 

I thought this was funny.
Coming from a land with so many lakes and all.

I thought.
Texas has to make lakes, I scoffed.

And then
I drove south on RM 620.
Which happens to be the road I live off of.

And then I saw this:

This is Hill Country.

And then.
I saw this:

I suddenly didn't care that this lake was man made.
Created by a wall of cement.
A wall that leaves this lake 600+ feet deep when it's full.
which they report on every night on the local news
because apparently it's a BIG deal when it's not full.
As it wasn't last summer.

But I digress

Not one bit of this mattered.

I was busy trying to catch my breath.

My photos don't do it justice.

I am not sure that any photos can really do it justice.

When you first see it, it comes out of nowhere.
One moment you are on RM 620.
It's like any other road.
Gas Stations.

And then, suddenly
without warning

Please come to visit me.
Come see this lake.

It's worth the drive.

I promise.


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  1. You photos are quite breathtaking. I love your photos. I love your writing. I am glad you are writing a blog and we can stay connected. Miss you and your wonderful family.