Paper Pieced String Quilt: FAIL

I heard about paper pieced string quilts through a couple of my crafty friends.

They did it.
I figured so, too, could I.

Although I can sew
fairly well
I cannot read tutorial instructions.

The paper I used was too thick.
The stitch length too long.
And my squares got all wonky.

The quilt top that I had hoped would become a duvet cover someday
the one I carefully planned
and designed
and even blogged about (here)
was just toooooo time consuming.

Just tooooo imperfect.

So, I made a snap decision.

The string quilt duvet cover

A crib sized quilt.

The backing is brown.
I have yet to find binding fabric.
I have to save what's left of the fabric I used
as I am still needing it to make a queen sized quilt for DRL and I.

I am still working on the pattern for this new undertaking.

But this one...
this FAILsterpiece
will go to Stella.

The good that has come of this--
the light at the end of the tunnel--
is that I found a stitch pattern on my machine
that makes little stars.

I used it to quilt the top.
I absolutely love how it turned out.

I guess it's not all bad.
I guess it never is.



  1. I like it. It turned out great. I love the star stitch detail.

  2. Vwery pretty, love love the colors

    Gosh next time just use thin fabric you hate or muslin for the base. I love PP but not for string quilts. Check out