My mom and step-dad were in town for a week.
They headed back north on Friday morning.
We had some fun while they were in town.
Or, as Gramma says,
a little slice of heaven.

Elena had her first ride on a pony.
In the parking lot of the HEB store just up the road from our townhouse.
She checked to make sure she was actually off the ground.
And then she showed us just how much fun she was having..
how truly excited she was to be on horseback
for the very
My mom says the sun was in her face.
But look at the horse
(same photo, different crop)
He's equally as excited.

We went to Lake Travis.
To the park at Lake Travis.
We found a great little picnic area near the boat launch
that was completely
I mean utterly
uninhabited by others.

So Elena and I flew a kite.

Gramma and Elena sat by the water's edge and found feathers.
While Gramma was telling Elena all about feathers
and rocks
and bees
and things

Elena picked her nose.
She's two.
It's what happens.

Stella and Daddy hung out in the shade.
Stella drooled.
A lot.
Papa drank a beer.

We also went to Zilker Park
to check out Barton Pool.

Turns out Barton Pool is closed on Thursdays.

So we had no choice but to find something
to occupy our time.

The Pigeons were happy to oblige.
This caterpillar on the other hand....
I'm pretty sure he felt a bit like Nemo
when the dentist's niece came to claim him.
But the caterpillar,
like Nemo,
got away unscathed.
This cricket wasn't so lucky.
Although he received a kiss,
he hopped away missing three of his six legs.

Maybe "hopped" is the wrong word...


P.S. A very happy Father's Day to all you dads out there.


  1. i hope for your sake that elena doesnt start asking for her own pony. this would be very bad for your finances.

    as my dad says, my ponies and later horses were the only thing that spent his money while he was sleeping."

    looks like you and the fam are adjusting just fine to life in texas.


  2. did you OR you should OR you should have

    submit(ted) that caterpillar photo to the Pioneer Woman bug photo contest.

    (i don't know if it is still going on...)

    it is adorable.