Old Dog, Meet New Trick.

Once upon a time I knew nothing about Photoshop.
Then I found out it is really expensive.
And I was grateful to the co-worker who installed his licensed copy on my MacBook.

So I vowed to learn to use it.

That was over a year ago.

Up until yesterday, all I knew how to do was apply a PW Action.

Then I learned how to make a diptych.

And now,
the piece de resistance.
I know how to apply selective color.

This is Kaia Jensen. I am certain you remember her.
I didn't want to leave it at just one photo, though.
So I practiced a bit more tonight.
And again.
Until I knew I could remember how to do it without referencing the tutorial
where I found the trick.



  1. simply stunning!
    love the one of elena!


  2. i really like the elena/skirt photo. I like selective coloring when what is chosen isn't the dead-center-focus of the photo. The skirt was subtle. I also liked the first photo of kaia. So who knows, maybe I'm just in a purple/blue sort of mood...

  3. Yes, Anna. It is Elena in the skirt. Last summer at a park in Coon Rapids. The photo was horrid in color, and in black and white it just lacked interest. When I shot it I knew it'd be great with just the purple skirt, but at the time I didn't know how to make that happen.

    So I am glad I finally figured it out!

    The popsicle isn't my favorite, but I chose it because I knew the color would really POP!