Intended Purpose.

Of this I am certain:
PlayDoh is an integral part of childhood.

A staple toy.

At some point in our lives we each played with playdoh.
Made burgers. 
Or ice cream.
Or snakes and balls and cookie cutter shapes.

And those of us who were a little more daring,
perhaps a little defiant
(I'm having trouble thinking of an example of such a child...)
We were so brave as to combine our colors.

Rendering our playdoh forever changed.
Never to be returned to its original condition.

But even those of us who did the unspeakable combining of colors...
I am certain we didn't do this:

And the above photo is a perfect example of playdoh's purpose.

DRL and Elena were playing together before we went to the Austin Zoo.
I went to join them and saw the amazingness that DRL was creating for Elena.
A baby.
With its own playdoh bouncy chair.

as parents often do,
playdoh daddy got tired.
He needed to rest.
So DRL built him his own chair.

And while he was making intricate, detailed sculpture
I was making this:

Goodbye forever,


  1. What wonderful fun!

  2. What's up with ending with "Goodbye Forever"? I like "Cheers" a lot better. In fact, I look forward to reading "Cheers" at the end. It's like a digital Athena smile right in front of me. I'm starting a campaign for only "Cheers" always! Who's with me?

  3. i get the purple thing is Elena's rocking horse but at first it just looked like the horse was standing on a person! Made me laugh.