Completely Incomplete

Lucinda and I finished all twenty
of our friendship quilt blocks.
(Laid out in order from left to right.  Her #1, then mine. So on and so forth).
I think we initially planned on doing one a week.
Or maybe even every couple days.


We are apparently both
extreme overachievers.
We ended up doing one a day.
I love them all.
It is hard to pick a favorite.

Every single block I made took me out of my comfort zone.
And I think my favorite of the ones Luc made
took her the farthest out of hers.
The purple.
The green.
The circles.
The planned imperfection.

This SCREAMS my style.
I heart it.

And then
there is this one:
Her #10.
The piece de resistance.
It matches so seamlessly with the #10 that I made it's almost uncanny.
She used every single print
in the fabric line.
And the pattern?
It's called "thrifty."

Supposedly, she is not a thrifty person.
Doesn't clip coupons.
Shop sales.
Look for a bargain.

And then there's me.
I refuse to pay full price for the nonessentials in life.

That stuff ALWAYS goes on sale.
I don't think I have paid full price for one item
in Elena or Stella's wardrobe.
ONE. And I know exactly what one that was.

But I digress.
I also love the juxtaposition of this block being named "thrifty"
and the extreme expense of this particular line of fabric.

Now I am saddled with the monumental task
of choosing a fabric for the sashing.
Along with a backing and binding fabric.
What to do?

I'm debating between a nice linen fabric.
Or the same purple that is in my favorite block of Luc's
and the fabric that I made the applique Cooper birdie out of.

Maybe I'll veer totally off course and choose blue
as DRL suggests.

I think I need another bottle of Pinot to help me decide.


(Ps: Luc, this one's for you!)


  1. that is the greatest picture ever. in fact i need a hard copy of that!

  2. I vote for a darker color for the sashing- the purple would be good. I think that a darker color would make the blocks pop more and help to bring it all together. This is going to be a really pretty quilt!