Organization Station

Elena's toys have outgrown
her toy box.
This weekend
TFP took it upon ourselves
to seek out a new method of toy storage.

We ended up with a Closet Maid Cubicle
from Target.
(Pronounced: Tar-Zjeh)
The baskets on top?
My current quilting projects.
And my iron.
No longer strewn across the dining room table.
The place meant for eating.

as it happens,
no one in this house is currently doing anyway
as DRL and Stella are perfecting their upchuck reflexes
and I am walking around in a dress made of kitchen towels
and bits of dried up reconstituted milk.

I paint a pretty picture, don't I?

In light of the current state of peristalsis in my humble abode
I will be working from home today.
Ordinarily I would relish such an idea.
Today, however, I had Big Plans.

A large part of which involved wearing these:

Salutations from the Vomitorium,

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  1. I like your new organization solution! I just keep moving Audrey's toys upstairs and putting things away- I refuse to let them outgrow the toybox. :) I do actually have my eye on something for an upgrade in organization. Unfortunately, I really do need to be rich to purchase it!!