Wednesday Wisdom

*Texas is hot. Too hot. I miss Minnesota.

*I sent the quilt in the above photo to my niece for her 1st birthday. In June. I'm nothing if not prompt.

*Oops...I haven't officially mailed it yet. Tomorrow, hopefully.

*I booked airfare to visit Luc in one month.  I have no words to describe how excited I am.
To meet her, finally. To actually hear her voice.

*Would you believe we text back and forth most days yet we have never actually spoken?

*She is missing Cooper lately. A lot. Do me a favor, wouldjya? Hop on over to her blog (click here) and leave her a comment. Give her some cyber love, peeps.  Or say a prayer, if that's more your flavor.

*I have finished the blocks for our friendship quilt.  So has she. Tomorrow should be a great mail day! 

*I attempted to make Elena another Oliver&S tank, and screwed it up royally. So, being the improvisational visionary that I am, I edited the pattern just a bit and made the tank into a dress for Stella. I'll snap a photo tomorrow.

*I can't stop taking fuzzy photos with my 50mm.  Seriously. I'm addicted.  And I am not afraid to admit it.  "Hi, I'm Athena, and I'm a bokeholic."

*Last night I stuck a glass of red wine in the fridge to cool it a bit, and I forgot it. Then I drank it...cold.  Pretty sure that's about as redneck as it gets, but I am equally certain that I really don't care.  It was gooooood! (Better once it warmed a bit...but still. G-o-o-D!)

*I am considering reading The Mists of Avalon.  I am hoping I can talk my dad into sending me his copy.  Dad?? You there??  Knock knock?  Wouldjya? Couldjya? Puhleeeeeze?!?!

*I wish all my books weren't in storage.  I have an equally strong desire to bust out my copy of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and re-read that monstrosity.  So loooooong but soooooo good.  

*Who is John Galt?



  1. xo

    is that applique i see on your niece's quilt?

    it would have only been red neck if you intentionally drank it cold or put ice cubes in it. since you were trying to chill it to proper consumption temperature, that does not count.

    two words: scott miller


  2. Yeah, Atlas Shrugged is REALLY long.
    I have the audiobook I'm currently listening to (sort of currently; I took a little break). I thought the audio version would help me get through it, so I can knit/clean/etc. while "reading" it. It's a full 63 hours long. Ooph. Someday I'll finish it. I hope. But yeah, it's good.

    Also, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Minnesota misses you!

  3. I have The Mists of Avalon, let me know if you want me to send it.

  4. Sorry Athena that was me who had the book