Four Wheels

While the family Pelton was in Minnesota
the last two weeks of July,
we spent a few days at my mom's place
in western Wisconsin.

My step-dad has a four-wheeler.
Elena has always been terrified to ride it.
Until now.

Her Uncle Phil convinced her to get on and go
for a little ride
around the yard.

Her cousin Logan was helpful
in that regard, too.
Hopping on, bravely, in front of his daddy
for a tour of my mom's 4-Acre front yard.

He was brave
certainly she could be brave, too.

I managed to steal the
contraption from Phil
and steal a few precious moments
with my first-born.

I (obviously) cannot take credit for this photo
but it is one of my favorites.

In other child-related news,
the most recent fruit-of-my-womb
in one day
starting clapping
and drinking from a cup.

Oh, and she ate from an apple.

It was feral, and wholly strange looking.
She was laying on the floor on her stomach
the apple in front of her.
But still, she did it.
And that,
is what counts.



  1. Good that she has started practicing at such a young age, will be a good driver in the future.