We spent two weeks in Minnesota.
It was great to see my mom.
My family.
My dearest friends.

But I was surprised how ready
at the end of those two weeks
I was to get back to Texas.

To come home.

I was sad to leave my friends again.
And the cooler temperatures.

But I have come to realize that this is my home now.
It is where I hang my proverbial hat.
Where my family is.
Therefore, where my heart is.

It is more than just the place I live.

Minnesconsin is where I come from.
Where I will always belong.

The home that I will find with my eyes closed.
Through heavy rain in the dead of night.

It is nice to belong here, too.
To feel comfortable in two spaces

To fit.

I know I won't feel this way forever.
There will come a day when I won't be able to wait
to move back.
To the snow
the frigid temps
the amazing summers.

(okay. NOT the frigid temps. I will never miss those.)

I finally understand all the cliches
about home.

I am living them.
And I am not afraid to say it.

On another note...

I am getting ready for Longhorns football.
Really ready.
I might finally become a fan of college ball..


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  1. i am counting down the days until longhorn football. the start of college
    football is a cause for celebration.

    ave u watched friday night lights yet?