Wednesday Wisdom

She has blue eyes.
Blonde hair.
And dimples.

Apparently, I birthed this magnificent creature.
(Note: she is donning a dress my mother wore when she was Stella's wee age. )
She looks nothing like me.
Lucky for her.
Poor Elena will have my arduous and lengthy awkward phase.
Sorry, kid.
You'll be cute someday.
Like when you're 21.
Which, coincidently is when you're allowed to date.
And drink.


Today, I was introduced to deep fried pickles.
Lawsy mercy.
If these were available in Minnesota
while I was gestating
I'd be clearly eligible for participation
in the next season
of The Biggest Loser.

...which means I could meet Bob...

NO! I will not eat more fried pickles.
I tell you.
I won't DO it.

In other news,
Lucinda is in Greece.
Well, she's probably somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic right now,
but soon she'll be in Greece.
Jealous is an understatement.
She won't be blogging much while she's away,
so she's asked some of her bloggie bff's
to help her out.

I believe MY guest post will appear tomorrow.
So go on over to Luc Ends
and check it out.

It's my first ever quilting tutorial!

I received the fabric I ordered for the sashing
and backing
of our quilt.
I am pleased with what I selected.

I still owe you photos of the block
that was the absolute bane of my sewing existence.

 But I've been busy
and then redesigning
this here blog.

D'ya like it??

Stella's pulling herself to standing.
And getting teeth.

DRL broke his toe.
He was just walking.
Stella's swing got into his way.
Jumped right out in front of him.
Isn't that lovely?

My most recent conversation with Elena today:
ME: Can Stella sit in your lap (in the cart at Target)?
E: Nope.
ME: Wow, you're such a great helper.
E: I am NOT a good helper, Mama.
ME: Precisely my point.

She's a smart one, that kid.

Happy Wednesday.


THIS JUST IN! I have just been informed that Elena is a now a COW, and shredded cheese is grass. She is going to eat it.  And we are going to the pool.  Apparently, cows like to swim.  

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  1. like this version of the blog.

    made it to greece.

    your post is up.

    bean was a great traveler. thank goodness.

    fried pickles.... we fry everything in texas.

    miss you lots.