NY in Pictures

I didn't snap one photo of Luc and I together.
This makes me a little sad.
But I guess now we have reason
(as if we need one)
to get together again.

I did, however, take 165 photos of our kids.
Mostly of Chace.
I see Stella every day.

Here are some of the best ones
from the weekend:



  1. Hey Athena-once again it's Lindsey (Keith's friend) and I found my way to your blog again and love the pictures you take. I have a Canon T1i and shoot primarily with my 50 mm 1.8 and have been going back and forth with upgrading to the 50mm 1.4 or trying the 85mm 1.8...i have heard that the 50mm 1.4 leaves no room for error and is hard to shoot crisply with~can you tell me how it's been going with you and how steady you really need to be to shoot wide open with it? I love these pictures!

  2. Great pics Athena! What a cute couple of bebes!


  3. holy crap that last picture is unbearably cute. They look like little gnomes with a big protective wolf! I love it.