The Women.

Thanks to MCP actions via the Pioneer Woman
I learned how to do this today.

Thank you Nadia,
and your lovely
powerful family of women
for helping me create this photo
"blog board"
as it's called.

I even adjusted the margins of my blog to fit the photo.
That's how great I think it is.

Hope you enjoy.

PS: My toes are painted burnt orange. 

Just thought I'd share.


1 comment:

  1. very cool.
    can you teach me?
    it may be too high tech for my skills.
    that is awesome that your toes are "burnt orange"
    maybe it will help the horns win on saturday.

    this time next week you will be at my
    house in ny and we will be having coffee together.
    well i will be drinking diet coke and you will be having coffee.