Tip Top

I assembled the quilt top
for my friendship quilt
with Luc.

I chose a linen/cotton blend
that I found here.
I am elated by how it turned out.
I am glad I went against my gut instinct
and chose a lighter color for the sashing.

The top left corner of the quilt...
the "start" if you will,
is the first square Luc made.
And the bottom right
or, the "end," I suppose
is the very first block that I made.
Her beginning on one end
mine on the other.
I guess the metaphor I was going for was
that at every end
is a new

I finished piecing the back while
DRL was using this computer
for his Fantasy Football draft.

Half this post was written at 9:00.
The other half,
now at 11:00.

In light of this,
I offer you the following:

I am thinking
of applique-ing another bird.
This time larger
somewhere on the back.

Perhaps a corner.

But I haven't made my mind up yet.

Cheers (to three day weekends!)

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  1. love it. its fabulous. i cant wait to get mine pieced together.