Double Pointed

Fall is in the air.

Not in Texas.
In Texas it is 90˚ with 80% humidity.
Because we just got 15 inches of rain.
In one day.

But somewhere
maybe, oh, Minnesconsin, per se,
Fall is definitely in the air.

In a nod to the crispy air
I started knitting again.
I dusted off my trusty
8mm circular needles
and set to work on this:

It's a hat for my co-workers little girl, Nevaeh.
Yes, that's heaven backwards.
You read it right.

She was born exactly one week after Stella.
Her older brother?
Born 11 days before Elena.

The kicker?
Her momma was due a week before me.
She was not happy that Stella came first.

I wouldn't have been if I was her, either.

So, to make up for my shorter pregnancy
I am sending this to adorn little Vay's noggin.

I hope she loves it.

I love it.
Fair Isle makes me happy.

You know what else makes me happy?
I mean,
besides sarcasm.
And Pinot.
And The Biggest Loser.
A sparkly camera necklace.

Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got,
I'm still
I'm still 'theenie from the block.

Are you still there??




  1. Love the hat. No more calling yourself Theenie, though.

  2. Who's the bling from? A gift to yourself or does DRL get that thoughtful and romanitcal? :)

  3. Love the necklace.
    Hey Nadia...how are you doing these days?

  4. fall is absolutely on the way. We were up by Fredric (sp?) WI this weekend and the leaves have started their change. i love it! BTW- do you knit scarves?

  5. HEART camera pendant.. i want one!! might just get myself one.. ha ha..

    Amanda Renner