The Debate Rages On

Texas State Capitol: Photo Courtesy of DRL and his iPhone 3GS.

I'm from Wisconsin.
Wasn't born there,
but I grew up there.
Went to grade school there.
Graduated high school there.

There's a lot happening right now
in my home state.

A local pizza company shut down
regular delivery business
due to the large demand of orders
pouring in
from people all over the world
wanting to send food
to the protestors.

Pretty cool...
when you stop think about it.

I will keep my politics to myself,
but I will say that I am happy
that people who feel their government is doing them a disservice
an injustice
are standing up against it.

Are making sure their voices are heard.

Teaching us all
that we DO matter.
That we can affect change.

These hard working union and state employees
and those who want to stand alongside them
in support
and unison,
are being
the change
they wish to see in the world.

If only we could all be so brave...


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