White Balance

After much urging from my friend Rebecca
I finally decided to pick up an expodisc.

I haven't been taking many photos of the girls lately.  
In large part because by the time we finally get home for the evening, it's dark out.
And I don't have a good flash. 

An expodisc allows me to set a custom white balance for my camera
based on the exact shooting/lighting conditions I am in.

Both of these photos were shot at the exact same aperture, ISO, and shutter speed.
Neither of them have been edited in any way.  The only difference is the white balance.

    auto white balance                                                                         custom white balance using expodisc
Ta Da!
Now I can take lowlight photos and not spend time in Photoshop
editing out the orange-yellow tones.

Thanks for the tip, Rebecca.
And Happy Birthday.
(Elena is singing it right now, in fact.)