Wednesday Wisdom

It's Wednesday.
And this is what I know for sure.

Elena is the best hat model.
Even when she's pouty.
Or non-cooperative.

Stella's eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue.

She's the "Blue" sheep of this family.
She has my grandpa's eyes, I think.
When she was an infant,
we would call her "Little Leonard"
because she looked just like him.

I still desperately want to cut my hair short.
Really short.
Michelle Williams short.
Lucinda cut hers yesterday.
Emma Watson short.
I am soooo jealous.

It looks amazing on her.

I am debating whether I want to upgrade my camera
(from a D90 to a D700)
or just spend the money on lenses.

I know I'll need both eventually,
and I'm torn with what to invest in FIRST.

My gut says camera body.
Lenses are easy to rent.

But I've gotten some feedback that recommends
I upgrade the lenses first.

I don't know what to do....

I went to Sephora today.
I bought grown up
big girl

And the girl who helped me
was amazing.
With a perfect smile.


Stella has another ear infection.
I've gotten a cumulative total of 7.8 hours of sleep
in the last two nights.

I'm hoping the antibiotics kick in.
And sooooon.

I'm still amazed by what is happening in Wisconsin.
How people are standing up
for what they believe in.
With one voice.

I'm proud to be a 'Sconnie girl.

And now,
more than ever,
I wish I was a teacher.

We need more good ones.
But we especially need more great ones.
With loud, powerful voices.

Oh, and I hear they make over 100k/year.....


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