A Hole New Look

I'm very lucky that I have a husband
who likes to wear simple
colored tees from the Gap.
His easy fashion frees up all the extra clothes money
for the girls and me.

A consequence I'm learning to cope with...

DRL also wears a belt buckle that tends to tear tiny little holes in his tees.
After much begging, pleading, and oh-dear-god-honey-can-we-just-get-new-ones-already-ing from me, 
he eventually throws them away and we venture out to the mall 
to buy me new outfits replace his wardrobe.

On Saturday, I asked if I might be able to
oh, I don't know, 
maybe repurpose one of his hole-y shirts
into a dress for our wee babykins.

Was the response I received.
And it was all the go ahead I needed.

As soon as these photos were taken,
I set off making one for Elena using a slate blue tee.
It took a few extra modifications since she's bigger
and, well, the T-shirt was the same size as the first
but it turned out equally as great.

I'm hoping they don't shred apart in the wash.



  1. So weird to see her standing!!! And I think that she reminds me of Elena in that first picture. Is the top fabric from his t-shirt too? Or is that a woven? It is hard to tell via photo.

  2. Wow.. You are so talented! Is there anything you can't do?? Now, if only there was a way to recycle George's massive book collections into paper pulp clothes... I wonder.. Ha!

  3. how friggin cute is she?!!!!

    and all those teeth. chace is behind in the tooth department!