Bullet Points

Here's what happened this week...in rapid fire format:

*By Tuesday evening I had already logged 22 hours at work. Things are crazy at the EMPIre.

*I finished my cabled scarf. Now I need to block it. Any advice on how to do this?

*Reviewed Open Enrollment information for my benefits plan at work. Premiums are up again this year, and coverage is down. I'm glad we're a healthy family, though I really wish Empi would offer a HSA option. The Pelton Family would really benefit from that setup.

*I finished two more hats...for no one in particular. Though, I made one out of Teal Malabrigo that I think I have to keep. I love that yarn more 'n my luggage (as P-Dub would say).

*Elena had her first ever fever on Thursday...complete with a blazing hot forehead and chilly body. Doctor said all is well and the fever responded to Motrin, so we kept close watch on her through yesterday and she's back to her cheery, healthy self today. Seeing a toddler turn purple with the chills will give you quite a fright though. I'm happy she's feeling better now!

*Nearly 32 weeks gestation and wondering how I'm going to get through the next two months. I'm SOOOO full feeling already. And this baby moves nonstop! I can't wait to meet her.

*I can't wait to name her, either.

*And take her picture. Something like this (*Editor's Note: GROSS! If you're not accustomed to the whole "birth" thing. And I don't know how I'd get these photos seeing as how I'm going to be busy ejecting the kid. I think they're wonderful, though.)

*I'm ready for snow. White, flaky, downy, fluffy snow. Coating everything. Making it look like Christmas. I love this time of year. It's unseasonably warm, though, so I might have to wait a little while for a blanket of the white stuff.

*I recieved Elena's two year photos from White House Custom Color and I could not be happier. I love press printing. I love WHCC. I can't wait to "need" more photos so I can place another order.

*DRL has Bronchitis which is keeping him from working tonight. I'm sad that he's not going to be making money...but that is grossly overshadowed by my glee at getting to spend another Saturday evening with him. We don't get near enough time together, the two of us, and I still get butterflies at the thought of some quiet time together. I guess that's a good thing!

That's the news for now, friends. I'm hoping to get some good photos of my hat creations this weekend and then get them uploaded for all to see.

'til then,

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