This is Elena's version of walking Belle.

She likes to hold onto the leash and walk around the yard with her.

Belle isn't too bothered by it, and Elena gets a kick out of it.

"Mama! I'm walking Belle!" She'll say.

And I nod, and smile, and play along.

"Yes you are! Good job!" I'll say.

And she'll smile.

Then she'll notice a puddle in the driveway...

"Put your puddle boot on and go jump!"

Jumpy jump jump jump jump.
Jumpy jump jump jump!
*courtesy of Yo! Gabba Gabba!*

Santa's getting her a new pair of puddle boots for next spring when she outgrows these leopard ones.

Afterall...there will be plenty more puddles in the spring.

They will NEED to be jumped in.
And the dog will need to be walked.

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