Bumblebees and Tea Parties

Elena received a Tea Set from Grandma MaryAnne for her birthday.  She LOVES to play with it.

She also got fingerpaints from Will, Rebecca, and Audrey, and would not let me put away the drop cloth.  We had to use it for our tea party.

My girl is a stickler for detail...

The drop cloth turned out to be insufficient in the end, and Elena brought in reinforcements.  

In the form of her doll quilt.  Also from Rebecca.

This is her as a bumblebee last night for Halloween. It was her first experience with Trick or Treating and she did really well.  She said "trick or treat" AND "thank you," and made out with quite a haul (for a two year old. Who only went to three houses).

I am also very excited to announce that I have just completed knitting slippers for Elena.  I just have to throw them in the washing machine and felt them up nice. 

Before and after photos will be up tomorrow.

Happy November!

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  1. She looks very serious about her tea party. Love the Bee costume! I like the addition of the hat. :)