Tina and Brian: The Details

This is my girlfriend Tina. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding 5.5 years ago.
She was this stunning then, too.
She got married on Saturday to her best friend.
A man that makes her smile like this.
All day long.
Her dress was magnificent.

Lace up back.
Crystal details.

Yards and yards of creamy satin.

Her flowers:

I love the Rosary tied to the boquet stem.
A tiny detail.
Transforming a standard Nosegay boquet into something more.

There was a gorgeous sunlight patio just outside one of the rooms of the church.
I'm so happy to have spotted it
(and extremely bummed the PAID photographer didn't find it!)
This shot would not have worked without the sunlight.
But in this light it's...

More gown detailing:

And who could forget the bling?

White satin.
Fall colors.
A splendid combination.

My girl. Amazing. Flawless.
Beauty: Defined.
A vision in white.

The Groomsmen:

The Bridesmaids:

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Janeshek for allowing me to capture a few elements of your day. Enjoy your forever. Work at it. Laugh in it. Revel in your love for one another. And remember this kiss. The moment when all you have ever dreamed forever would be...Began.
I think Ben Harper said it best:
I'm not talking 'bout a year
No not three or four
I don't want that kind of forever in my life anymore..

...so give me your forever
please your forever
not a day less will do
from you.

Many Blessings,


  1. Nice job...again.
    Beautiful pictures.

  2. Athena, you are amazing. Thank you so much for putting this together. You are seriously talented and I am blessed to have you in our life.

    Love you!!!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful. Hopefully you can post additional pitures on Tina & Brian's wedding website. We would love for you to share them with us. You do an awesome job. We thank you for taking your time that day and sharing your gift of photography with Brian & Tina.

    Russ & Pat Janeshek
    (the other Mr. & Mrs. Janeshek)

  4. Auntie Bubbi, Tyler and Jeremy, Ronette all think this iw truly awesome. Beautifulpicturew, loverly words for a special couple that we allLOVE. Thank you!!!