Fuzzy Math (Updated)

I had a flu shot recently. Not the H1N1 quite yet, but my normal seasonal flu vaccine. I stopped into my normal clinic, sat down in a nurse's office, and got a needle in the deltoid.

Then I asked for a sticker.

And a lollipop, seeing as how I was so brave and all.

Then I went on my way.

DRL and Elena went to the quick clinic in our local Target store and also got a shot to the arm. I'm pretty sure DRL didn't get a lollipop though.

Budget cuts.

DRL paid $12 each for the flu shots at the Target Clinic. My bill just came in the mail. Here's what it said:

Flu Vaccine Age 3+: $16.00
Amount Paid by Insurance: $15.00
Patient Responsible: $25.00

Wait. What?

Patient Responsible: $25.00

I was assessed an "Office Visit Copay" for a sit down in a nurses chair. For a flu shot. And a lollipop.

I think I have to call Aetna and ask them about this. Or I need to find out just how much my clinic charges for stickers and candy. No wonder Target doesn't give them out!

Silly lollipop.


My doctor called me moments after I posted this and told me that I could "come on down" for a H1N1 shot. I hopped in my CR-V and flitted over to the clinic for another shot in the arm. I did not ask for a sticker this time. Or a lollipop.

I am hoping the billing will reflect this change.

However, I did get a band-aid...so you never know.

Furthermore! Elena is going to Park Nicollet tonight to get her H1N1 shot and she will definately need a lollipop and sticker. Maybe even two stickers. Not to mention another booster of the same shot in 28 days. Oi!

Anyone want to buy a hat?


  1. For that price, the lollipop should have at least had a 'liquid' center of some really great top shelf rum.
    You make me laugh!

  2. Yes, Auntie K. It should have. Silly ridiculousness is what it is.