All Wrapped Up

This holiday season
is going to be a handmade one 
for many who are receiving gifts from me.

Lucinda's little boy is no exception.
I was packaging his gift to be shipped
and realized I have no Christmas wrapping paper.

Lucinda loves fabric as much as I do.
She loves handmade, too.
So much that she has her own Etsy shop
showcasing wonderful things she has made.
(If you have last minute gift buying to do: Check her shop out here)
Given her love of fabric
of craft
and my absence of pretty paper
and ribbon....

I decided to wrap bean's gift
in fabric.
Anna Maria Horner's 
Innocent Crush
fabric to be precise.  

 And what kind of present would it be
if it didn't have a bow?

The gift is for bean.
The packaging is for you, Luc.

Rip the seams.
Use the fabric as you wish.

Merry Making.
Happy Handmade.


1 comment:

  1. it arrived today.
    i have not opened it yet.
    went on a fabric outing with alli.

    i think it may be too pretty to open.