Wednesday Wisdom

*This is my new shirt from the FCKH8 campaign. You should get one, too.

*I tried to make a handmade Christmas gift for my friend Rebecca's new baby girl.  It didn't pan out.  I am going to try again.

*I am behind on everything.  Megan, your hat is coming.  Melissa, so are your wedding photos.

*My brother flew into town today.  He's here to help DRL drive back to MN for the month.

*I'll join them the weekend before Christmas.

*Elena doesn't believe that there is snow at Gramma's house.  Silly girl.

*Yesterday was World AIDS Day.  I wore my inspi(red) shirt to bed since I couldn't wear it to work.

*Did I mention that I am behind on everything??

*I need to take more photos. I haven't picked my camera up in a long time. For this, I am sad.

*Belle is home from the vet.  She is hurting. And tired.  But she is moving around well.

*It is amazing how resilient dogs are.  Magnificent creatures....

*My guilt, on the other hand, is waning slowly.  Very, very, slowly.

*I need ideas for blog topics.  I'm tapped for ideas.




It's Thursday today, isn't it?
As in: NOT Wednesday??

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  1. IF it makes you feel better I didn't know what day it was either. I will just take the Wisdom and leave the Wednesday out of it.. AND Clint had to tell me what day it was today and remind me to go to school. I think it's lack of sleep.