Take Two for Megan, & Another Giveaway!

I made a hat for Megan.
She liked it. 
Didn't love it.
Only because she had her heart set
on a hat with a brim.

I set off on a new hat
for Megan
working as hard as my little fingers could carry me
in the hope of having it ready Thanksgiving weekend.
Then DRL went to San Diego.
Then Belle broke her leg.
Then I fell down the stairs.

And I didn't knit a stitch last weekend.
I finally finished it this morning
and will send it off in the mail this afternoon.
I hope
this hat fits the bill.
No pun intended.
It's my favorite brand of yarn:
In a color called Pearl.
A gorgeous grey
with the faintest hint
of pink and white.
My favorite yarn in my favorite colorway.
Made into one of my favorite hats.

since it's Saturday
since I took a day off from blogging,
and since it is the fourth day of Chanukah
I am giving away another hat!
Also made with Malabrigo worsted merino wool.
it is a woman's hat
and it'll fit {most} heads.

All you have to do to enter is post a comment answering the following question:
What is your favorite gift to give?
Are you the type that likes to pick out the perfect gift?
Or are gift certificates more your gift-giving style?
Are you a scented candle giver-outer?
Or do you agonize over what to give and wait until the last minute to complete your shopping?

(raises hand)

I will pick one random commenter
(with the help of random.org)
and announce the winner on Wednesday. 
entries must be received by 12:00PM (CST) on TUESDAY December 7th.

The day that will go down



  1. Giving really is better than receiving. I like to do things for people that they wouldn't normally do for themselves. The gift I am most looking forward to this year is for my husband's family.

    My mother-in-law, has about 20yrs worth of special moments trapped in several rolls of 35mm film. My present to the Rios family this year, is to develop all of that film and to put it into photo books.

    What a great way to spend Christmas Eve. Looking fondly with smiles, laughter and tears at 20yrs worth of forgotten memories.

    I. Can't. WAIT. :)

  2. I like to give all year long, as the Spirit moves
    me, to bless people. I try to recognize others needs and desires,and if it is possible for me to meet that need or desire, then I will do it.
    I believe the greatest gift you can give someone
    you care about is your time.

  3. I totally love the hat :) Super cute (btw pink is my favorite color so I am glad it has some subtle pink to it!)

    I feel bad entering the drawing because I am already getting a hat- but this one would make a wonderful gift!!!

    I am the type that likes to give the perfect give- it takes me the entire month of December to do my shopping....

  4. Athena, you create beautiful things (photos, hats, quilts, etc.) and I admire your ability to use your wonderfully creative mind to make and give gifts :)

    I like to give food for gifts, because thanks to my fabulous domestic goddess mother (and hours upon hours of watching the food network), it is one thing that I am good at and love to do. I hope they enjoy the goodies as much as I love making them!

    I am someone who agonizes over finding the perfect gift, and it stresses me out to no end.

    If I don't win the hat giveaway, I would love to buy one from you :)

    Thanks for sharing,

    Kirsten Grayson

  5. Voluspa candles in beautiful, decorative tins~ best scented candles ever!!!

  6. Cortney AndersonDec 5, 2010, 9:52:00 PM

    My favorite gift to give is home made gifts or anything with pictures in it. Everyone loves getting home made gifts that I made or my kids made. Something that they can keep forever and tell my kids when they are older look what you made me when you were 2! So cute

  7. I can't pick. I'm too exhausted to pick. Can I get partial credit and still get thrown into the random number generator? :-) Please?

  8. This year my favorite gift I've given so far is a Christmas tree...to someone who couldn't afford to buy a tree this year...I included all the fixings for Christmas dinner as well.. including the ham.


  9. My favorite gift to give would be a tie between snowboard, boots-n-bindings for one super psyched 11 year old, (who is now broken {clavicle} and out of commission for most of the Winter, frown) and the beautiful, fave-colored, hand-made-with-love hats that you made for two of my girlfriends last year. (Is that too kiss-assy?)
    I spend waaaay to much time, energy on the perfect gifts (greeting cards too!).
    Gift certificates are not my cup of tea as a giver. As a receiver? love' em! I'm a wee particular, you know.
    Scented candles? Absolutely! But only Aveda or some other groovy granola soy number that smells light, fresh and real.
    Glad to hear TX is treating you well and you're creating like crazy. Such beautiful things ~ feathery owls, delightful hats, quilts, dresses & photos, photos, photos! Sheesh!
    Any plans for a trip to the tundra this Winter? Would love to see you if you come up.
    ~ Anz

  10. I think it depends on the person....we always do pictures of the kid(s) for grandparents and close family.

    Gift cards make great gifts too though! At least with those you know the person will get what they want!

  11. This is me entering. You do amazing work, Athena.

  12. My favorite gift to give is a hug. And I have impeccable timing when it comes to hugs. I know when people need them, want them, and don't. It's fulfilling, rewarding (selfishly), but it's also the gift that gives back. And, it's free.
    I like free.
    Free hats, especially:)
    You rock, AP.