New Years: Resolved

This year,
I resolved to take more photos of myself.
to allow more photos of myself to either be taken
or to be shared with others.

I rarely find myself on the lens side of the camera
so I have to find other opportunities to fulfill my resolution.

I model my own hats.
I pose in my bathroom mirror.

it's funny,
but in all of my favorite photos of myself
my Nikon is hiding half my face.

Maybe that's my "bad side."
Or maybe I like the way my camera looks
better than my own reflection.

Either way,
I'm happy that I can
live up to my resolution.

And I am happy
that I finally took a photo
of just myself
sans camera
that I actually like.

No funny actions.
No comic book effect.
No black and white to hide the hideous unevenness of my skin.
Just me.
Okay, fine.
And a little Benefit lip stain,
some glass beads from Melissa's honeymoon
and a fabulous hat
that I
you know
just sort of
picked up.



  1. Ok...
    a)You look FABULOUS...breathtakingly FABULOUS
    b)did you photoshop your body on the first picture because you are WAY TOO SKINNY and I don't like it. By don't like it...I mean jealous! Aren't you supposed to be getting thicker in Texas? If that's NOT happening...you will only be allowed "hot dishes" while you're here in Minnesota. And that's final.

    But continue being beauitufl. You really are stunning. Really.

    Love you. Can't wait to see you. xoxox

  2. i love this photo of you and your fabulous self!

  3. ha -- i love you. at least you are not as unphotogenic as i am. ugh -- just saw pics of me taken by j* -- yes, the world's greatest photog -- and i look so awful it's quite embarrassing actually. sigh... xoxo.

  4. Love and Love! Nice work. You're gorgeous.

  5. oh, that was me, Holly@hauthaus.com that said, Love and Love. ;)